Man wearing Sigvaris compression stockings

Compression Stockings are for Everyone

Compression stockings are a popular trend nowadays among all age groups, especially those with health issues related to blood circulation and varicose veins. Compression stockings are also recommended for people who sit or stand for long hours at work. Here are some benefits of compression stockings for all ages:   Improving Blood Circulation One of the major benefits of wearing…

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Close up of senior woman suffering from heatstroke at home

Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

Summer may be drawing to a close, but the weather is still hot! While we all love to bask in the sun, it’s important to keep our seniors safe during this season. The elderly are more vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat, which is why we’ve compiled these summer safety tips to help you keep your seniors cool, hydrated,…

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Elderly woman with rollator from Sun Medical Equipment & Supplies

What is a Rollator and What are the Benefits?

Most people know what a walker is. They know that a walker can greatly help seniors and others with mobility issues with walking. Walkers have four legs that all stay in contact with the ground, even if the front two legs are wheels. Because at least two of the legs grip the ground when they’re in contact with it, walkers…

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There is only one place for Home Care for the Holidays

The Holiday season is hectic enough if you are healthy and able, but what if you just had surgery? Or have a family member that needs additional care? Or if your energy levels are low due to too many work and family gatherings?  Well, there is a company called AmeriCare Medical that can solve all your Home Care needs during…

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