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Home Healthcare & Nursing Services in Southeast Michigan

The AmeriStaff Nursing Services home health care portfolio includes physical assessments, health education, blood pressure checks, blood testing for drugs and cholesterol, utilization review, temporary placement of Medical Case Managers, Medical Records Personnel, and other appropriate medical staffing services. All of these services are available in Troy, Birmingham, and the surrounding areas of Southeast Michigan.

Accident & Surgical Recovery Home Care Aides and Nurses

With AmeriStaff’s Early Release programs, lengthy hospital stays can be avoided through the delivery of professionally administered home healthcare programs and services directly in the patient’s home.

Troy Insurance Specialists Process Workers Compensation Recovery Claims

AmeriStaff’s Insurance Specialists assist patients and their families through the often complicated task of processing claims. They are trained to offer financial counseling and to help gather medical documents, determine eligibility, and submit claims to facilitate equitable patient reimbursement.

When AmeriStaff services and products are not covered by medical insurance, the company accepts all major credit cards and will help tailor payment plans to accommodate patient and family budgets.

Contact AmeriStaff Home Health Care Services today for these home care and nursing services in the Troy, Birmingham, and Southeast Michigan Area.

Home Health Care Nursing

We provide staff and services to patients that are looking to recuperate in the warmth and familiarity of their home. Our programs are designed to enhance the patient’s independence and quality of life by helping with day to day activities. We pride ourselves in providing support to every member of the family…from the patient to members of their family who can go about their day with peace of mind knowing that their loved one is being cared for by a professional in the comfort of their home.

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Auto Accident Recovery

AmeriStaff’s goal is working with auto accident survivors and assist them to regain as much of their independence as possible.  To begin this process a Registered Nurse will assess the survivor’s current medical condition and skill level.  This information is then reviewed carefully with the client’s External Case Manager.  Based on the findings of the evaluation, as well as, the wants and needs of the patient, AmeriStaff’s Care Coordinators will appropriately staff the case with employees from our highly qualified nursing staff.  A recovery plan will be devised that aggressively promotes the patient’s road to independence.  Communication with the External Case Manager or insurance company will be done on an as-needed-basis.  This may mean that communication occurs bi-weekly or even weekly.  AmeriStaff Nursing Services fully manages each case with our team of highly trained professionals on an on-going basis.

Worker’s Compensation Recovery

AmeriStaff’s goal, when working with employees injured on the job, is to ensure proper care while preparing them to go back to work as healthy and as quickly as possible.  One of our Registered Nurses will complete an initial assessment of the client and AmeriStaff’s team of Patient Care Coordinators will staff the case based on the individual needs of the client and the care that needs to be provided.  Communication with the External Case Manager or insurance company will be done on an as-needed-basis; this means that we may be in contact with them once a week, or daily.  AmeriStaff Nursing Services fully manages each case individually, utilizing our team of highly trained professionals.

Attendant Care

AmeriStaff’s  Attendant Care services are often  referred to as home nursing services, and may be defined as “activities of daily living,” such as monitoring and supervision for safety reasons, administering medication, bathing, dressing, walking, styling/combing of hair, other grooming, help using the toilet, driving the patient, fetching things for the patient, carrying and lifting things for the patient and wound care.

With AmeriStaff’s Home Attendant Care you or your loved one is able to stay home and continue enjoying a familiar lifestyle.

We continually supervise the quality of care provided by our caregivers and monitor any changing needs.

Whether assistance is needed for 4 hours, 12 hours, or 24-hour live-in care, our clients determine the type and amount of elder care service needed.

Alzheimer's and Memory Care

In partnership with experts on Alzheimer’s disease from major University Programs, AmeriStaff Nursing established a training and protocol program which has proven results in patients with memory deficits.  Our goals aligned with family input, have proven result in improving the quality of life of many of our patients suffering from cognitive disease including Alzheimer’s and other normal conditions of ageing.

AmeriStaff Nursing’s program focuses on the care and dignity of the person with dementia. This patient-centered approach enables our registered nursing staff to provide focused care that:

  • Helps your loved one remain safe and calm in their home setting
  • Encourages patient and family engagement
  • Promotes social interaction amongst patient and others
  • Provides mind-stimulating activities including recreational experiences
  • Provides nutritious meal preparation specific to patient’s needs (Kosher)
  • Helps minimize changing behavioral & cognitive symptoms
  • Offers Respite Care to family members
Executive Concierge

AmeriStaff Nursing Services offers Executive Concierge or Companion Care services that are personalized to meet the daily living needs of any client – this can include anything from assisting a client in activities of daily living to helping a client who is burdened with a shortage of time.  The expectation of today’s work and social environments often leaves one or more caretakers short on time.  This lack of time makes it stressful and sometimes impossible to preform the everyday tasks that are required for a comfortable lifestyle.  Being a full-time caretaker often means that the person never gets a break and constantly has a “to-do” list.  Instead of becoming stressed or spreading yourself too thin, let AmeriStaff Nursing Services provide an Executive Concierge or Companion to assist you with your family’s needs, this may mean one of our qualified professionals helps to run errands, prepare meals, assists with light housekeeping, laundry, or even help with family transportation.  Caretakers have a demanding role in a person’s life and the client should never be afraid to ask for help – Let AmeriStaff Nursing Services be there when you need us!

Additional Services & Programs

Medical Personnel

Serving Hospitals, Government, Industry & Private Homes
• Permanent Placement
• Contract Assignments
• Temporary Assistance
• Recruitment Services Available
• Immediate Placement – Within 24 Hours
Additional Services
• Nutritionist
• Discharge Planning
• Assessments, Documents
• Physicians On-Call
• Independent Medical
• Housekeeping
• Personal Care
• New Mother Care
• Home iV Therapy
• Travel Nurses
Additional Programs
• Catastrophic Injury Specialists
• Spinal Cord Injuries
• Close Head Injuries, TBI’s, CHI’s (resulting from motor vehicle accidents and worker compensation injuries.)


AmeriCare Medical, Inc. work in coordination with Case Managers, Insurance Adjusters, Discharge Planners, Physicans and other referral sources to ensure quality care for each patient.

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