Executive Concierge


AmeriStaff Nursing Services offers Executive Concierge or Companion Care services that are personalized to meet the daily living needs of any client – this can include anything from assisting a client in activities of daily living to helping a client who is burdened with a shortage of time.  The expectation of today’s work and social environments often leaves one or more caretakers short on time.  This lack of time makes it stressful and sometimes impossible to preform the everyday tasks that are required for a comfortable lifestyle.  Being a full-time caretaker often means that the person never gets a break and constantly has a “to-do” list.  Instead of becoming stressed or spreading yourself too thin, let AmeriStaff Nursing Services provide an Executive Concierge or Companion to assist you with your family’s needs, this may mean one of our qualified professionals helps to run errands, prepare meals, assists with light housekeeping, laundry, or even help with family transportation.  Caretakers have a demanding role in a person’s life and the client should never be afraid to ask for help – Let AmeriStaff Nursing Services be there when you need us!