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Executive Concierge Care in Troy, MI

If we were to mention house calls, the first image that might come to mind is a kindly old fellow with a black bag pulling up to your home in an antique automobile — or a horse and buggy. But that level of care is not a thing of the past. Concierge and home nursing services from AmeriStaff Nursing Services brings house calls into the 21st Century, giving Southwest Michigan families the best attendant care services available, right where they are, and exactly when they need it.  

What Is Concierge Care, Exactly?

A growing number of adults are part of what’s commonly called the “sandwich generation.” They’re “sandwiched” on one side by the demands of caring for their children, and on the other by the needs of parents or elderly relatives. In some respects, this amounts to having three full-time jobs, since those responsibilities are often added to the responsibilities of earning a living. No wonder you might be feeling spread thin!

Executive Concierge Care

There’s no such thing as cloning yourself or adding a few extra hours to the clock. You, and your time, are finite. Executive Concierge service takes care of day-to-day tasks, including running errands, light housekeeping, transportation, and meal prep, letting you devote more time to the things and people that matter most to you.

Companion Care

Companion care goes a step further, providing respite care with medical treatment and patient outcomes in mind. For situations where you need a breather but you also require a high level of skill and experience, our staff is here to help, whether it’s in-home or having an extra set of hands when you’re traveling.

Our Placement  Process

In common — and, often as not, overlapping — with our memory care, accident recovery care, and other services, our companion care begins with a consultation. Our goal is to find the perfect match for your needs, not just in terms of skills, but also in a fit that results in a genuine rapport. To that end, treatment plans and other needs will be addressed by the patient, their family, an RN, your PCP, and anyone else whose involvement is necessary.

Who Benefits From Companion Care?

Executive Concierge Care and Companion Care take some items off your to-do list, and some of the weight off your shoulders. Who benefits from that? You do, since you’re likely to be less stressed and more relaxed. Your family dynamic benefits, too, since you’re likely to be less tired, stressed, and irritable.

But there’s another benefit that cannot be overlooked. Unless you, like the AmeriStaff team, have a background in nursing, you’re likely in a bit over your head. And that’s through no fault of your own, since most people take on the task of caring for family members gladly, but lack the medical background and education to juggle so many tasks at once. 

Given the knowledge, skill, and compassion each member of our staff brings to their job every day, the benefits to a diverse range of patients — accident victims, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and others — is clear. However, we would also point out that our patients are not the only ones to benefit. Our services are also a reinforcement and a respite for family caregivers, as well as those who want the best care for their loved ones when they cannot be there, whether because of their responsibilities or geography.

Why Choose AmeriStaff Nursing Services

Why contact AmeriStaff Nursing Services? There are more reasons than our caring staff, or the fact that they’re qualified, licensed, bonded, and more. Like you, we want the best for you, and we work hard to ensure a high level of care, whether it’s for the day, a week, or long-term nursing care in Troy, MI. Reach out to us today!

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