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Alzheimer’s and Memory Care

In partnership with experts on Alzheimer’s disease from major University Programs, AmeriStaff Nursing established a training and protocol program which has proven results in patients with memory deficits.  Our goals aligned with family input, have proven result in improving the quality of life of many of our patients suffering from cognitive disease including Alzheimer’s and other normal conditions of ageing.

AmeriStaff Nursing’s program focuses on the care and dignity of the person with dementia. This patient-centered approach enables our registered nursing staff to provide focused care that:

  • Helps your loved one remain safe and calm in their home setting
  • Encourages patient and family engagement
  • Promotes social interaction amongst patient and others
  • Provides mind-stimulating activities including recreational experiences
  • Provides nutritious meal preparation specific to patient’s needs (Kosher)
  • Helps minimize changing behavioral & cognitive symptoms
  • Offers Respite Care to family members