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Alzheimer’s and Memory Care in Southeastern Michigan

By current estimates, five million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, and that number is expected to triple by 2050. According to the Alzheimer’s Association*, the medical profession is unprepared; the training and capacity aren’t there to meet the surge. That puts a strain on home caregivers, who are juggling caring for aging loved ones with their own lack of time and training. A different model is needed, and it’s taking shape thanks to attendant care offered by home healthcare providers like AmeriStaff Nursing Services.

Caring for Individuals Suffering From Alzheimer’s

A home health aide trained in memory care, with the training and knowledge to handle Alzheimer’s care patients specifically, can ease families’ nerves, free up more time, and improve the quality of care for those you love.

Our Alzheimer’s caregivers provide the following in-home care services throughout the Southeastern Michigan area.

Alzheimer’s Treatment Plans

It all starts by consulting with your loved one’s primary care physician, as well as any specialists (such as gerontologists and neurologists) involved in their care. Our goal is to reinforce and enhance the treatment your friend or family member is receiving.

Safety Plans

Aging brings its share of hazards regardless of one’s cognitive function. However, Alzheimer’s adds a further layer of challenges, from sundowning behavior to episodes of violence that may cause harm to the patient or those with whom they live. From senior-proofing the home to ensuring critical situations are handled with calm and grace, we ensure safety.

Memory Care Activities

Memory care activities help to stimulate mind and body alike. From physical activities that maintain balance and the mind-body connection to skill-retention activities that can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, we account for individuals’ needs and capabilities.

Meal Plans

Meal planning is one of our most-needed medical staffing services, since many older individuals may lack the motivation or ability to plan and prepare meals of their own. Proper nutrition — and even something as simple as hydration — reinforces treatment goals and also makes a difference in quality of life.

Social Engagement

All too often, isolation goes hand-in-hand with Alzheimer’s. Friends and family may be afraid to say or do the wrong thing, and so they do nothing. That isolation leads to withdrawal and depression for patients, and to frustration and regret for those who love them. This is why we help facilitate social interactions that bring benefits to patients and families alike.

Respite Care For Troy Families & Caregivers

There’s another group that tends to be isolated and overlooked: home caregivers. Besides the stress and exhaustion, family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s lack the time for simple self-care. Reconnecting with the outside world isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, and our home health aides can step in for short periods of time on short notice if you need a break.

Our Process

The only constant for Alzheimer’s patients and their families seems to be how devastating a diagnosis can be. In nearly every other respect — the changes wrought by the disease, the nature and speed of its progression, the treatments to which a patient responds — there are as many differences as similarities. That calls for an individualized approach, which is why we tailor treatment plans with a dedicated team that includes a registered nurse, a case worker, and a team of professionals responsible for care.

Who Benefits

Alzheimer’s patients clearly benefit from the activities, engagement, nutritional support, and expert care delivered by AmeriStaff Nursing Services. However, they aren’t the only ones who benefit. With care durations that meet a variety of needs from ‘round the clock care to respite care, and placements on a short-term basis for inpatient care facilities, many others benefit as well.

Insurance We Accept

Alzheimer’s care is challenging enough. Navigating the maze of insurance providers, benefits administrators, and other assorted bureaucracy can be even more frustrating — especially if a claim is denied or under-funded. Whether you’re working with private insurance, long-term care insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or supplemental insurance, we’re here to help. We also make sure that insurance companies and administrators have complete and accurate documentation, and in the event that your coverage falls short, we’re happy to offer payment plans.

Why Choose AmeriStaff

The team at AmeriStaff Nursing Services is dedicated to providing home health care that makes a positive difference in the lives of our patients and their family members. To that end, all of our home health care staff is licensed, registered, and certified, with ongoing education to ensure that they’re always up-to-date on Alzheimer’s best practices. Your peace of mind is further ensured by the genuine rapport built between staff, patients, and their families. And our field staff are all insured and bonded. For in-home Alzheimer’s care that makes a difference, get in touch today.


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